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June 13, 2011


     We woke up extremely sick today. Ray had a fever the night before, and I woke up with one. The biggest blisters imaginable lined the heel of my right foot. We  unwillingly packed our bags and trekked over to the train station, bought our tickets and were out of the city by 10:00 am. We tried to find flu medicine but all the pharmacies were closed because of Pentecost and no shops sold medicine. At 10:30 am, we got to the Ventimiglia, Italy stop. I was able to properly buy tickets in my Rosetta Stone Italian, which was pretty awesome! It took us another half hour to get over to the San Remo station, but it felt great to finally be where we needed to be. 
     We took a bus to Blue Beach, which is like a low-key hotel on the water. This is where we will be staying for the rest of the week for training purposes. I am bunking with four other girls in this tiny little efficiency apartment. My husband is at the other end of the hall with four guys, I think. This is a very strange experience since I have only ever lived with my family and now my husband. I mentally prepared to be apart from him, but now that it's happening, it sucks. The girls I am bunking with seem very nice, I am glad I didn't get a bunk full of loud, obnoxious people. 

     Tomorrow we begin our training. There are about eighty tutors here, so they split everyone up into two groups. Of course, my husband and I were placed separately, but a really nice guy in my husbands group asked the supervisors if we could switch so my husband and I could be together. 

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June 12, 2011


June 12, 2011

    Today, we woke up early with no alarm set. It was about 8 a.m. We got dressed and walked down to the train station to check it out. The walk was a little easier today since we weren't as tired as last evening. We took a map this time, which was good because this place is ridiculously confusing. The weather was great, it was warm with a cold ocean breeze. 

     Our first stop was the Russian Orthodox Church, it was a beautiful structure, I wish I could have taken pictures but we weren't allowed. Next door there was a little pastry shop, so we bought breakfast and walked down the street eating our yummy formage turnover.

  We searched for another touristy point on our map but never found it. We kept ending up in these little alleyways with dead ends. Plus, it was all uphill so I was exhausted. We had walked miles and miles in just one morning. We jumped in another tram, illegally again, but as we got on it, there was an announcement on the loudspeaker saying that the tram was out of order. So, we decided to walk. I am so glad that we walked because we got lost in the streets of Nice and ended up finding an outdoor fresh market that hosted vendors with an array of fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, flowers, herbs, and homemade soaps. We bought a handful of very large cherries and were happily satisfied. We also found the most beautiful church I have ever seen. It was a hidden gem, with the most beautiful structures and paintings I have ever seen. (I was able to take pictures there, so they will be up soon.)

      We also went to the city's Contemporary Art museum and saw some great  pieces and some not so great pieces. We did go up some 6 stories of the museum and took pictures of the view. 

    We roamed the streets, and ended up at the same restaurant where we had a glass of wine at the night before. We had peeked at the tables around us and had seen pure deliciousness, so we thought we would treat ourselves! So glad we did! Ray had a steak and I had a seafood linguine. Talk about fresh! After the restaurant, we walked very slowly and jumped on a tram back to the hotel, where we showered and I am currently writing this from and where Ray is taking a nice, long nap. I also wanted to add that I hand-washed our dirty clothes and have them hanging on the windowsill. Very French of us, huh. :)

. I also wanted to add that I hand-washed our dirty clothes and have them hanging on the windowsill. Very French of us, huh. :)

Tomorrow, we catch a train to Sanremo, Italy. 

  • ****Note: Ray will be posting up his experiences too. Stay tuned! 

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June 10-11, 2011

Status: Nice, France

sunny 76 °F
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 June 10 & June 11, 2011 - We were in and out of airports for a total of about twenty-four hours. Every flight had a delay, each one being between two and four hours. After three flights to New York, Brussels, and Rome, we finally got a transfer flight to Nice, France. When we got outside of the airport to jump in a cab, all the taxi-drivers had Mercedes Benz automobiles! The guy who took us spoke no English, drove very close to other cars and cut off more than half. Twenty-five euros later, we got to our destination, Nice de Fleurs hotel.

  We dropped off our backpacks and headed out to venture the city. We turned at every corner and the streets never seemed to end. There were tiny cafe's everywhere packed with the most interesting people I've ever seen. The streets were full with young people in their early twenties. I didn't see a middle aged person for hours. Looking up, the tightly packed buildings were decorated with clean laundry and potted plants. Every window in every building seemed to have a beautiful iron cast balcony. French women hung out of windows, smoking cigarettes and looking quite dramatic.

     It didn't get dark until about 9:30 pm, which threw me off completely. I was definitely jet-lagged, I couldn't stop moving for long periods of time because I still felt like I was on a plane. I didn't have my land legs yet!

 We jumped in a city tram, illegally I must add because we never payed for a ticket, and took a ride back up to our hotel. The tram as jam-packed, and I mention again that there were only young people. By the end of the night, we were ready for a bed.

Our hotel room was a little efficiency studio, on the second floor of a creepy building, where you have to turn on your own lights in the hallway when you get off the elevator. No air condition  was provided in the room and a boiler was needed for hot water. It sounds worse than it actually was. We slept with the window open, and the sounds of muffled voices and passing cars were quite soothing. Ray and I slept like the dead.

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One day left in Miami, then off on our adventure!!

(Status: Pre-Trip)

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I finished packing today, though the backpack itself was storing a plethora of gear, mostly from the past few weeks of me hording and collecting things I thought would be useful. We leave on Friday morning, and I have a feeling the next two nights are going to be rough. It's 12:30 am right now and I am still bushy tailed and wide-eyed wired from packing and picking up the house. Leaving my house and my pets is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. My mom is taking care of everything for me, but I still worry.

I'm just glad I am going on this adventure with my husband. I cannot imagine being so far away from him for two months.

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Countdown: 8 days!!!


8 more days until we leave to Europe. I am extremely excited and nervous all that the same time. I've never left my house more than two weeks and we've always been relatively close to home, so that in an event of emergency, we could always drive home. So this is definitely a new experience.

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